LAB 2019 theme

For this year’s LAB annual theme, we have chosen something that is so common you use it every day: water. Learning Across Borders brings students and teachers together from various countries with different and distinct ecosystems to think, present, and discuss environmental issues. But regardless of whether you are from a tropical island surrounded by ocean or a country that in winter becomes frozen with ice, water is always of utmost importance. But water is also a scarce resource and human activity has led to more complex relationships with water. Throughout the world, there are many examples of humans overfishing, commercial farming redirecting water sources for irrigation, and pollution. If water gets too dirty, it will harm plants, animals, the overall environment, and us. So it’s important for us to understand deeply the amazing properties and relationships between us, the world, and water.

For more information: LAB-2019-Theme_-Water_-Source-of-Life